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  • Libby Smillie

Embracing Eternal Memories: Five Flowers to Honor Our Beloved Ones

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

There is a powerful symbolism in returning the body and memory of a loved one to the earth. It is becoming increasingly common at funeral ceremonies to plant flowers and trees to symbolise the powerful, enduring and beautiful memories we have of a loved one. I recently supported a friend to say goodbye to his dog, Angus. Fiach and Angus had spent so much time together in the garden, making many treasured memories. We planted forget- me- nots and sunflowers which would also go on to provide food for their bees, being that they are local Renfrewshire beekeepers at Paisley Honey.

If you are thinking about the ways you can remeber a love one with planting in your garden, this article is for you.

In moments of profound loss and grief, finding solace and meaningful ways to honor the memories of our loved ones becomes paramount. As I reflect on the significance of remembrance, I invite you on a journey through the language of flowers. In this article, we'll explore five exquisite blooms that hold a special place in my heart and offer poignant ways to pay tribute to those who have departed. These flowers, each carrying its own symbolism and beauty, will help us create a cherished garden of remembrance, where love and cherished memories bloom eternally.

Whispering Lilies

When I close my eyes and envision my beloved departed, delicate Whispering Lilies (Lilium) emerge in my mind. Their ethereal white petals symbolize purity and innocence, capturing the essence of their gentle souls. By planting lilies in a remembrance garden, we can cultivate an environment of tranquility and purity—a place where their eternal presence is celebrated.

Resilient Marigolds

Marigolds (Tagetes) are vibrant and resilient, just like the spirits of our loved ones. Their warm hues of orange and yellow embody strength, endurance, and unwavering love. As I plant marigolds in my garden, I am reminded of the strength they possessed in life and the courage they inspire in me. It is a testament to their unwavering spirit, and their memory lives on through these resilient blooms.

Gentle Forget-Me-Nots

Forget-Me-Nots (Myosotis) hold a special place in my heart as delicate symbols of enduring love and cherished memories. Their petite blue blossoms serve as gentle reminders of the bonds we shared with our departed loved ones. Planting these tender flowers in our remembrance garden ensures that their presence is forever etched in our hearts, an everlasting tribute to their memory.

Tranquil Lavender

The soothing scent of lavender (Lavandula) transports me to a place of serenity and peace. Its calming properties and delicate purple blooms create an atmosphere of tranquility—a haven where I can reflect on cherished moments with those who have passed. Lavender embodies the essence of grace, love, and remembrance, offering solace and healing during the grieving process.

Blooming Roses

Roses (Rosa) hold an eternal place in the garden of remembrance. With their diverse colors and timeless beauty, roses represent deep love and affection. Each bloom carries a unique significance, allowing us to personalize our tribute. From vibrant red roses that symbolize passionate love to soft pink roses that embody gratitude and grace, these blossoms evoke cherished memories and offer solace in times of remembrance.

As we embark on this journey of remembrance, let us embrace the profound symbolism and beauty of these five flowers: Whispering Lilies, Resilient Marigolds, Gentle Forget-Me-Nots, Tranquil Lavender, and Blooming Roses. By cultivating a garden of eternal memories, we create a sacred space where love, joy, and cherished moments flourish. May these blooms serve as a heartfelt tribute to our beloved departed, a gentle reminder that their presence lives on within our hearts and amidst the ever-blooming flowers that adorn our remembrance garden.

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